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Solid wood crate for multiple uses

Custom table in expresso color

Custom cell phone holder with personalized initial

Custom cell phone holder with pencil holder

Custom cell phone holder with flower holder

custom cell phone holder with flower holder

Custom cell phone holder with picture frame

Custom cell phone holder with picture frame

Cherry wedding box, reversable chalk board,after wedding use as time capsule and then accessory furniture 

Bamboo table with 2 drawers

Hole in one for golfers

Maple table with painted legs

2 tray  1 side stemmed glass and 1 side standard flat tray





Memorial Box for card collection at events

Rustic Maple Serving Tray 

Memorial Box with Glass front

Refinished table

Bamboo Table
Shelf contemporary

                                                                        Oven or bath decorative towel

Snack Tray

Dovetail Tray

Tray with digital laminate bottom 

                                                                                     Wool Mittens Lined

Bier Stained and Painted

Glass Room Divider

3 in one  high chair     desk    rocking horse

Lazy Susan with Turquoise vein

Microwave Hot Pad

Rustic and detressed oak chair with leather seat finished in a flat top coat


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